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Haworthia directa - Molen River

From http://soilandroots.com/desert-plants/Haworthia/directa/haworthia-directa.html

Personally I know Haworthia directa n.n. from one locality in the vicinity of Molen River north of the Outeniqua Mountain range. This very interesting Haworthia seems related to Haworthia monticola but also hints perhaps at Haworthia variegata. The distribution falls within the range of H monticola though and their habitat is far removed from that of H variegata.

In habitat.

This rather small locality of these plants was discovered by David Cumming a number of years ago. The plants grow in a ridge of a small outcropping in fynbos vegetation.

The plants flower in summer in South Africa. I have found it notoriously difficult to let them set seed as the flowers wilt every year. Perhaps due to fungus.

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