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Haworthia neopapillaris

Although not officially described I apply the name to this rather small and interesting Haworthia from Wynandsrivier, between Oudtshoorn and Calitzdorp. It is related to Haworthia truncata.

Haworthia neopapillaris in habitat at Wynandsrivier.

Haworthia neopapillaris is somewhat similar to Haworthia papillaris (Breuer) from Dysselsdorp, but is generally more strongly tubercled, about the same size or smaller, and occurs some 50 km to the west of the latter. No similar plants have been found in between these locations

Sharing habitat with Nicipe (Ornithogalum) sardienii (left top).

In the case of Haworthia papillaris a new species name was  applied by Ingo Breuer as the plants are distinct. Numerous different retuse Haworthia have been described based on their characteristics.
Similarly there is perhaps no good reason why all distichous Haworthia should be named "truncata"
. In fact there is considerable variation between a number of H truncata populations that may prompt further splitting if you like unique names for unique plants.

In this case Haworthia truncata var neopapillaris may be an option, but I prefer to avoid it due to the uncertainty that varieties have caused in the retuse group.

Haworthia neopapillaris is an attractive miniature Haworthia but exceedingly slow growing.

Only a few seed grown plants will be made available on Plant auction from time to time.

(Photographs by Gerhard Marx taken under unideal lighting conditions.)

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