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Haworthia ardua n.n. - West of Prince Albert

Haworthia ardua grows on very steep ledges north of the Swartberg, west of Prince Albert. The specific epithet "ardua" means adversity, difficult, steep ... , referring to the habitat being virtually impossible to reach. 

The plants are likely related to Haworthia viridis which is found a couple of km further south. Haworthia ardua is much darker in colour however, almost completely black in habitat.

A plant in cultivation.

Typical habitat on steep ledges.

I attempted to photograph a plant growing on a lower ledge which I was fortunate enough to see. Hardly reachable, I had to stand with my feet in a horizontal crack, my left hand holding onto the rock for dear life, and the camera reaching far to the right . Due to my precarious position, my hand moved and the photograph flopped. I revisted the approximate location at another time, but the site had no gps reading and could not be found.

General view of the area

No formal description yet. Options are still being decided on. Please share your opinion. Updates as more data is studied.

If the plant remains undescribed it will be refered to as Haworthia ardua for ease of communication.


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