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Haworthia gamkaensis n.n. - Matjiesvlei

For the time being I am using the name Haworthia gamkaensis for a Haworthia which is found in the vicinity of Matjiesvlei north of Calitzdorp,  south of the Swartberg. The plants grow on the shady side of a big hill, in association with Haworthia standeri. This species belongs to the Haworthia arachnoidea group, but has partially translucent leaves.

It seems to link to Haworthia arachnoidea southwards towards Calitzdorp and may link to Haworthia joubertii which occurs north of the Swartberg, at Vleiland.

The plants appear to be exceedingly rare and grow in rather inaccesible terrain.

Haworthia gamkaensis Matjiesvlei in habitat.

A cultivated plant.

The flowering time is in December, similar to that of Haworthia arachnoidea.

This species is not to be confused with  Haworthia decipiens which also grows in the area.                      

One can see some differences clearly: Haworthia gamkaensis has fatter leaves, a clear keel and spination relatively close together, as compared to the flatter leaves of Haworthia decipiens, with spination wider apart.

The following image is from the website of Jakub Jilemicky at


Haworthia decipiens from Matjiesvlei area.

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