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Haworthia maraisii aff - M080328A GM 401 N of Napier

I presently only  have one clone from this locality north of Napier. The plants seem to have longer and more numerous leaves then plants from Napier illustrated by Mr. M B Bayer.  (Haworthia Revisited: A Revision of the Genus)

It is quite an attractive plant with numerous lightly tubercled leaves.

 Ingo Breuer regards these as H schuldtiana which is very similar to H maraisii.  Due to the great variation of related plants in the wild it becomes very confusing. I shall use the name Haworthia maraisii as this according to M B bayer is the earlier name of the two species

Ingo Breuer does put H Schuldtiana and H maraisii under the Aggregate Schuldtiana indicating that he regards the latter as the earlier name ?  Regrettably I have no time to research this further now, but it does appear that we need more names to separate a large number of 'maraisii' like plants.

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