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Haworthia jadea - Leeublad (Dr M Hayashi)

On the farm Leeublad, east of  Dysselsdorp, some 2 km from a locality of  Haworthia bayeri on the same farm, this seemingly separate species was discovered by Mr Gerhard Marx.  Fortunately Mr. Marx took note of fine detail as otherwise the discovery  may have  had less significance, and the plants may well have passed as Haworthia  bayeri.

The summer flowering time and leaf markings correspond somewhat to H truteriorum, and the leaf ends sometimes are rounded and reminiscent of H springbokvlakensis.  H bayeri from Leeublad  flowers in spring  and has markings and leaf ends that are comparable to others in the species. This is an interesting find as the occurrence of   Haworthia bayeri   in the vicinity seems to contradict a gradual change within the species over distance as is so often observed.  Macroscopic  differences are easy to see comparing  the images of both.

Although lighter in colour than Haworthia truteriorum, the species maybe closely related to the latter and the presumed link between Haworthia bayeri and H truteriorum may have to be re-examined.

Photographed in the collection of Mr. Gerhard Marx.

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