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Haworthia 'Zenith'

A very beautiful hybrid by Mr. Gerhard Marx.

"The name remains very valid as it is arguably one of the best hybrids to appear in my greenhouse to date. It is a H. splendens hybrid – H. ‘Aluminum Star’ X H. splendens ‘Shikinjo’- but it has a more highly polished gloss than any pure H. splendens I have seen. In addition, ‘Zenith’ has the very attractive color combination of pale metallic blue-grey facial windows combined with broad creamy white lines with chocolate islands inside. The glossy leaves are further adorned with numerous shiny pimples on the surface. Unfortunately Zenith is very reluctant to produce fruits and even efforts to propagate copies of it from leaves were not successful. After many efforts with few results, flower peduncles of it were sent for tissue culture some time ago and reports are that it was successful and that we can hope this stunning hybrid may be more widely distributed in the future."

Haworthia 'Zenith' in the collection of Mr. Gerhard Marx

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