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Haworthia denticulifera ( Haworthia chloracantha var. denticulifera) Hartenbos Hills Mossel Bay

Although Haworthia denticulifera is realively easy to spot in the Gouritzriver area near Johnsons Post ( http://haworthia-everywhere.blogspot.com/2009/03/haworthia-chloracantha-variety.html ),it is a different matter at Hartenbos Hills.

At the latter locality the plants are smaller and seemingly slightly more buried into the ground. They are quite difficult to spot here and I might have missed them if it was not for the odd flower here and there. Clumps do occur here, but they also grow solitary. The effects of a recent devastating fire left the plants in rather poor condition.

Notably some plants are still flowering while others have shed all of their seed.

Haworthia denticulifera at Hartenbos Hills with fruit.

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