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Haworthia sakai (mucronata) - South of Oudtshoorn

The plants occur quite widespread in the Oudtshoorn area. Mostly they flower at about the same time. One deviation here is at Leopoort where they flower about a month later.

Although very closely linked to the sometimes more robust and acuminate  Haworthia mucronata , from around Ladismith, I retain the name H sakai even if it is only for easier reference.

Plants are typically smooth.

This location is en route George. What is interesting is that a very small percentage of the plants have bristles on the leaves signalling a link to  Haworthia quartzcola, crystallina and rooibergensis.

A very small percentage have bristles or hairs on the leaf margins.
Many plants were recently dug out and ravaged by porcupines, a number of these have been saved and are showing good progress.

A robust specimen.

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