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Gasteria vlokii - Swartberg

Gasteria vlokii is a mountain dweller. The plants have their distribution in the Swartberg mountain range which forms the natural border between the two semi-desert regions, the Little Karoo and the Great Karoo. Gasteria vlokii is also found in the Witteberg mountains in the Willowmore district.

The plants are distichous when young and rosette-forming when older. Protection from the sun seems an important component of their survival and Gasteria vlokii is usually found under bushes or in rock crevices.

So far their seem to be two forms, a small and a larger growing form. It is possible that the smaller form only appears smaller, because it grows in cracks in the rock.

Gasteria vlokii is quite easy to cultivate. Good drainage is essential and a mixture of sand and compost should be ideal. The plants are fairly frost resistant as in their natural habitat the plants are occasionally covered with snow during the winter months.

The inflorescence is a simple raceme and the flowers are red-pink.



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