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Gonialoe ausana (variegata 'Ausana') - Aus

Regarded as a form of Gonialoe variegata, Gonialoe ausana comes from southern Namibia. For comparison a photograph of Gonialoe variegata from the Oudtshoorn area is also included.

The differences between the two forms are not massive and they are easy to tell apart.

Gonialoe ausana - Leaves not keeled, olive green, with off-white yellowish spots.                               Inflorescence branched, Flowers pinkish red , perianth 2 to 3 cm +  in length 

Gonialoe variegata - Leaves, upper half keeled, dark green with whitish spots.                                   Inflorescence unbranched, Flowers red , perianth 2 to 4 cm + in length. The flowering time is approximately in September and a second flowering time in November has been observed.

Note: Literature states that Gonialoe variegata can have a branched peduncle. I do not know if this occurs in plants of South Africa. The old Aloe book from Reynolds also shows a Gonialoe ausana that has an unbranced peduncle. So perhaps the above analysis does not carry much weight if  the whole  distribution area is taken into account.

Gonialoe ausana

Gonialoe ausana

Gonialoe variegata

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