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Sale of Succulent Plants and Caudiciform Plants


For bulbs S.A. Airmail is OK - transit time can be 3 to 6 weeks. For succulents and other plants this is not OK. They will need to be send EMS at and extra fee. This extra fee is usually determined when the parcel is ready. Please contact at

Seed grown plants:

Please do not ask us for plants with specific markings or qualities. Markings usually only develop at a later stage anyway.e.g. Haworthia


We do NOT SUPPLY CITES EXPORT PERMITS as the waiting time at CapeNature is too long.
Client takes the plants on own risk - we shall change the names however in attempt to avoid customs confiscation. We do not accept any responsibility in this regard however.

Import regulations:

Please edify yourself regarding import regulations of your country. E.g. USA requires an import permit if the quantity exceeds 12. Most countries require a phytosanitary certificate. many countries have special phytosanitary requirements. We cannot keep up to date regarding all these special requirements although we know many. The onus is on the client however to supply us with the correct information.   Phone your APHIS office regarding these things.

I hate certificates:

Actually so do we . We can export without certificates and declare it as "Home decoration" . This often works well especially if the parcel is small. Just remember if customs confiscate the parcel it is not our fault.

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