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Hoodia gordonii seedlings

Tanqua Karoo form with good P57 content when aged. (P57 refers to the ingredients for appetite suppression). The KoiSan used Hoodia gordonii amongts other Hoodia to suppress thirst and hunger during hunting trips.

These are the seedlings for sale.

Very quick growing tips:

Think desert. These plants will germinate at times when it rains and the soil stays wet for a couple of days.  They can handle a fair amount of water in the first year or two, but the older they get the less water they must receive.  They may grow quite fast in the first year or two, that is Ok but beware, they easily die on you due to over watering. The soil must dry out well between waterings.  I would say that after one and a half  year stop this treatment. Then only very occasionally give them a good drenching depending on weather. In habitat these plants stand baking in full summer sun for months on end receiving almost no rain. The stems look thin and leathery. They may look like death but in fact they are  quite healthy and may still be happily around 5 years later

Use very well drained soil. We use pure shale. Deep down a bit more clay perhaps but closer to the top more pebbles then soil.

 After you plant them wait a day or two and then water well. You may do this for a few days and then stop . Let the soil dry out again

These plants grow in very hot and arid desert-like areas.

typical habitat picture here

This is the Tanqua Karoo . One plant in the back ground. The seed originally came from here. Summer day time temp 40 + in the shade and as dry as hell. Winters nights cool but almost no frost and keep dry. I would say minimum temp about -2 for short period (early morning hour or two if kept dry)


  1. How can I get them? I want to buy and I am in Bloemfontein

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