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Drimia leopoortensis

I use the name Drimia leopoortensis at this stage as a trade name for a species likely undescribed. 

An expert regards the bulbs as probably a form of Drimia elata senso lato which does occur in South Africa.

There is some resemblance to the latter, but while Drimia elata clearly has scales Drimia leopoortensis has not. It is a solid bulb

It is a medium to large growing bulb found  in shade on a steep hill at Leopoort south of Oudtshoorn. It seems to be fairly uncommon there.



In habitat with fruit

Bulbs are solid and not scaled like in Drimia elata


Ripe fruit capsules.

There are only a few seedlings and offsets available at this time which will be sold on  Plant Auction occasionally.

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